New Album Coming up Soon

Hey guys, I haven’t had the chance to work on NESessity songs for a while, so I’m going to take some time and work on a small EP album.
The album will incorporate raw rage with bleep and blorps, and should be about 4-5 songs max.

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NESessity on Jamendo

You can listen to my music on there now!


Bad News (or Good News?)

Well, I installed Fedora Core 11 today, and I’m quite happy with it. The only thing is that the version of lmms currently installed is not that good (for some reason all cpu resources skyrocket to 100%! And my computer is relatively good with respect to specs). I tried compiling the 3.2 version I was using in FC8 but it wouldn’t make for some reason.

As you understand, this means that it will probably take me more time to have a release. Except if I purchase a new video card (which I’m sure is the problem in this situation).

Anyway thanks for reading!


What I’ve Been Up To.

Apart from planning of overthrowing the government, I’ve been up to other things as well believe it or not. You probably don’t care that much (hahaha), but I’ll tell you anyway. Academics have been chomping a huge amount of my time and I haven’t been able to keep this blog as consistent. My NESessity work has also suffered from this. Imagine a huge pacman chomp, chomping on my time! But anyway, we’ll get there eventually!

There’s been a few new things that I’ve been considering lately, and things I wanted to announce. One is with respect to, and the other is for upcoming work.


There has beenĀ  a recent change with the service as you may have noticed. They require you to pay certain amount of money in order to use the radio feature. This however conflicts with my idea of uploading my material on their site with non-profit terms. I don’t want people to pay for music such as mine, which is uploaded for free. I’m still thinking over the actions I will take, but it will be highly likely that I will remove everything from and upload elsewhere (unless they implement some radio system that may play you free artists, but I highly doubt they will do such a thing). Needless to say that my music will ALWAYS be free (no matter where hosted).

Upcoming Work:

I aim to have completed two albums by the end of September/October. I can’t say much of them in the current momment, but I can guarantee that I’ve learned a lot since my last release, and that these albums will most probably amuse you. Both of them will be conceptual and should consist of 15 songs each (or more). One of the albums will be a collaboration with David Shute, author of Swilcast, and the other will be with ZZombieZ There will be a lot of effort put into these albums so please look forward for them!

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Chip on,



A thank you to all who downloaded and listened to the Heartbits!

More news for future projects will be up soon!

Current Track Listing – The Heartbits

Yeah, so I finally completed about 12 songs, and will share the titles with you all (uhh zero people, haha).

Here is the list so far:

  • PowerON!!
  • My Emotions Have Been Hard Coded Baby!
  • Desert
  • Chromatic Boss
  • Under Stars
  • Village Theme
  • Heartburn
  • Acid Brain
  • Sinister Adventure
  • Databass
  • Lovve
  • PowerOFF!!

All the titles might be changed, and the order of the list might be different on the album. But for now, here are the twelve main songs which will appear on the Heartbits.

Expect a release on the following three to four days.


There is a total of at least 10 songs to be presented with the next NESessity release called “The Heartbits”. My current aim is to finish something like 13-15 and work more on a side project with a friend of mine over the internet (music and chiptune related as well; for now will remain top secret). I will try and finish everything this week, if not, I will finish it after a couple of months.

Hopefully these songs will be able to complete something like 30 minutes so you’ll have something to listen to (and wish you never did).

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Segue to Deafening

So I finally got me one of these. I’m kind of new to this whole blog thing, but I’ll try to be the least obnoxious as possible.

This blog aims to work with and inform the fans (uhhh) about latest projects, songs ect. Currently, there is a top secret project being worked on, but the completion date as of yet is not certain. Leave a shout if you will, it will make me blue blue happy ;p.

– NESessity.